Quilted Pincushion - Posies and Plaid

Quilted Pincushion - Posies and Plaid
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Quilted Pincushion - Posies and plaid By Mcdesigns ~ Maggie Connoe
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Quilted Pincushion - Posies and Plaid

The first recorded pincushion were made during the 15th Century.  Sewing tools were treasured items & were kept in small cases of bone, ivory or silver.  Eventually, simple stuffed shapes took the place of the cases.  In Colonial times, ladies would spell out their names or initials in the pincushions with the pinheads.  Returning the pins to the original position taught patience and ensured that stray pins were accounted for!  I hope you enjoy this pattern.

Size:  4" Cube

Condition:  New - Uncut Pattern

By:  Mcdesigns ~ Maggie Connor

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