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We are pleased to offer our customers more ways to save through our Rewards Program. Each time you purchase select items you accumulate Reward Points, which can be used as cash discounts on our products. Full details below. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to CONTACT US.

Earning Points
Earning points is easy! Select products earn you points each time you make a purchase. The amount of points earned are displayed when you view the product details. Points are stored in your Reward account and can be used towards future purchases. Earn enough points and your items are FREE!

Calculating Reward Points
Select products offering Reward Points are displayed under that products 'detail' section. Each product has its own Reward Point value. Collect these points and use them like cash on future purchases, either by applying all your Reward Points or just a partial amount. However you choose is up to you.

Redeeming Reward Points
Once you have earned points you will then be able to use them on future purchases. As you are stepped through the 'Checkout' process you will be prompted to enter your Reward Points. You will be notified of how many points you have and how much they are worth. Enter in the amount you want to redeem and proceed to the next step in the 'Checkout' process. Customers will not accrue any Reward Points on purchases when points are redeemed for discounts.

Customer Referrals
As an added bonus, we are offering 150 Reward Points to all customers who refer a friend to our site. In order for the referrer to receive the 150 points the referred person must make a purchase on their first visit.

Conditions Of Use
We are pleased to offer our Reward Points program to customers, however to prevent fraud and misuse the following conditions and restrictions apply:
  • Reward Points have no cash value. Points cannot be applied towards credit card accounts.
  • A minimum purchase of $15.00 still applies to Reward Points. This is a company policy and applies to credit card sales as well.
  • Referral points are issued only if the referred person makes a purchase on their first visit to our store. Your account will be credited automatically once this condition is met.
  • Once confirmed, customers who cancel an order that has earned points will have those points removed from their account.
  • Customers who return all or part of an order that has earned points will have those same points removed from their account.
The above conditions and restrictions are subject to change without notice. The management reserves the right to adjust Reward Points accordingly in customer accounts. Point values are subject to change without notice.

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